Photographic Rally info


For the second day of ITT, Friday 18/05, the I.T.T.'s organization team has prepared something special for you.
In the 2012 ITT  the classic routes, proposed  each year, will be in the form of a “rally”  game. We will travel to the nearby area while we have fun!!!
This game is a special  version (fewer kilometres, adjusted rules for the ITT)
of the official  rally game of Hellenic Transalp Club, called “Photographic Rally”, that takes place  every year (this year being the 7th ), each time in a different area of Greece.
The special ITT version of the Photographic Rally has been designed a little differently. It's main objective  is to allow  team members to get to know each other, having at the same time fun and riding through beautiful scenery.
It will be a lot easier from the official Photographic Rally, due to the limited time and participants without prior experience.

How to Join

- The organization team has designed the routes. A designated Greek rider-guide will lead in each one. Plus he will promote one of the five recommended  routes with his mini biography and introduction note.
- Each participant has to choose the team he wants to join in, along with the route.
(He must come in contact via e-mail with the leading rider-guide to book a place in the team).
- Each team can have no more than 8 bikes, no less than 5 and is required to have riders from at least two different countries (e.g. Greek + Dutch ). In case of more than 8 participants, a second team will be formed, with a second leading rider-guide.
- The team member is welcomed to contact  the leading rider-guide of the team, to learn about route details, places to visit etc, in order to prepare  before the event (It would be a nice idea to organize a short mailing list for every team)
- Each team will have a name. It will be announced by the leading rider-guide.

During the Game-Race

- To ensure that each team will follow the selected route, there will be specific places to be photographed (“photo checkpoints”, for example traffic signs with village names). The  “photo checkpoints”  will be announced by the organization team, in time. At least 70% of the selected route must be completed, in order for each team to qualify.


-Each of the five routes has a fixed value of points,   depending on the difficulty of the route (total distance, secondary mountain roads, gravel roads).


- Apart from the fixed points of each route, extra points can be collected by achieving the so called “photo-targets”. There will be a list of such photo-targets (for example:  “ The team members  in front of an old stone church = 20 points”,  “the team members under a waterfall = 40 points” etc etc. ).


-Total score of each team  depends on the route chosen (fixed points) and the points gained from the photo-targets (bonus points).


- All team members, except the photographer of course, should be in each picture.


-Things can get “tough” on the road, you join each team only on your own responsibility!

- All teams have to be back to the hotel until 19:00

There will be a special prize-giving ceremony for the first 3 teams, during Saturday dinner.


Don’t hesitate to ask more info from your leading rider-guide.

Stay tuned for the list of photo-targets ...


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