Logo competition for I.T.T. 2012

Logo competition for I.T.T. 2012

The Hellas Transalp Club, aspires by means of an open European competition to activate members and friends, offering them the opportunity to seeing their blueprint in hundreds of tops, stickers and brochures to be drawn for the event.

So, we are asking of you, your proposals for the logo of I.T.T. 2012.

It should be designed on the computer at highest resolution (2480 X 3508 pixels (210mm X 297mm @ 300 dpi)),  and if it is drawn in Corel Draw file, it would be better for us.

The council of Hellas Transalp Club will be choose the best logo of all, to represent the International Transalp Treffen in Greece.

The winner apart from moral satisfaction to see his work posted everywhere in the days of I.T.T., will receive an award during the I.T.T. in a special event.

Send your proposals or any questions you have at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. until 22/01/2012.


Logo winner of 2008

The logo should be simple, understandable, compact and easy to reprint and assigned as monochrome if needed.

Terms of attendance in the choice of logo:
The author of logo that will submit his proposal:
- It will not have no requirement economy or other nature than association HTC, the members of DS and his members.
- the creator will not trade to his profit the drawing that it will deliver
- For his attendance in the event of ΙTT2012 it beings in the same terms and conditions that concern all
 - It accepts that the association can use his proposal for future event of his association or in website
 - Accepts all the  terms or is selected his drawing or no.

The HTC council  is committed that the logos that will be deposited:
- Him it will not trade to personal profit of members only that for profit of association
- It will announce in the present unit the name of designer that will be selected his logo


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