Route 2. Mount Erymanthos, Erymanthos river gorge, Foloi Oak Forest

Route 2.  Mount Erymanthos, Erymanthos river gorge, Foloi Oak Forest

Photo Checkpoints : Hotel Oasis, Drosia, Poretsou Monastery,Divri's Monastery,Vidiaki,Erymanthos-Achladini bridge, Achladini  = 220 Points

Team 2.A  - Golfo's Riders -   Guide :Dimitrakopoulos Fotis


My name is Kapetan Fotis. I will be leading  the dirt-ride  group during the Photographic Rally of ITT 2012.


 Few words about me:  I am about 40 years old. Currently I work as the minister of greek finance, but , as I am very clever, my dream is to become a brain specialist:


I like very much adventure travelling, in fact I consider paintwork scratches and hemorrhoids as a must, for every respectful adventure biker.
I like eating lamp’s brains, lamp’s gut and lamp’s testicles. Up in Erymanthos Mountain you will learn to like it too.
My idols are Rocky Balboa, the Alien, president Bush and Darth Vader.

 If you are crazy or stupid enough to come to this group you should now that:  The route is only for riders with previous experience in dirt riding and fashion modeling. It won’t be easy!  You will encounter  a lot of kms in bad unpaved roads (80-90km), river crossings, mountain crossings, al-Qaeda attacks, bad-tempered  sheeps blocking your way, man-eating chickens, poisonous hogs,  unstoppable diarrhea and sex harassment from vicious goats with premenstrual syndrome. You join the group only on your own responsibility!(the same apply on every ITT's route)


Passengers are not excluded (if she/he is crazy enough) but surely the fan factor for the rider will be less. Swinging is not allowed though.


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members :

1. Dimitrakopoulos Fotis GR

2. Lefteris Georgalas GR

3. Willi Schäfer, DE

4. Martin Richter, DE

5. Rüdiger Handt, DE

6. Uli Beifuß, DE

7. Vasilis Karagiannis (Rastabill) GR

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