Route 5 . West & South Peloponnesus , Kyllini – Pilos - Messinia

Route 5 . West & South Peloponnesus , Kyllini – Pilos - Messinia

Photo Checkpoints : Hotel Oasis , Kaiafa's lake, Filiatra's Eifel tower, Voidokilia beach, Pylos Castle, Polilimnio lake-waterfalls , Nestor's palace, Kyparissia's Castle = 200 Points



Discover West - Route 5 Team A - B

The dream is about to come true.
We shall start our route from Kyllini towards to Katakolo, Lake Kaiafa, Romanos (Voidokoilia Beach), Pylos and Xrisavgi Waterfalls (Polilimnio Messinias).
A serious number of kilometers on wheels and a memorable route for the brave. A day, dedicated to Transalp abilities. 
The intelligent service worked overtime and a combination of tourist and no-tourist places is a fact.
At 0900 am of 18th May, the Transalp Enthusiasts, start their engines. Be there !


 Dear friends of Transalpers everywhere, my name is Nick Dimakopoulos, 39 years old, a lawyer by profession and married with Eleni (Helen) Giannoula.

Fascinated by my teenage years with the idea of 2 wheels, I had in my possession in chronological order the following cycles: Honda Lead 50 (1996), Piaggio Typhoon 80 (1998), Malaguti Madison 125 (2000), Honda Varadero 125 (2001 ), BMW Funduro (2002), Suzuki V-Strom 650 (2004), Honda Varadero 1000 (2004), Transalp 650 (2006).

On 03/05/2008, I first came in contact with members of the H.T.C. in northern Greece and since then has opened a new chapter in our lives, because since then never felt alone, but always surrounded by many good friends.

ITT 2008 (Parga), ITT 2009 (Germany/ Bischofmeis), Romania / Borlova (2010), Bulgaria Plovdiv (2011). A series of excursions and activities, thanks to the action of H.T.C. Since 2011, actively participate as a member of the Board as a responsible for the annually excursion program, believing strongly that everyone should offer his efforts to the H.T.C. to continue being active and give its members the joy of motorcycling.

Having the experience of covering long distances and having participated in 3 photographic rallies (2008, 2009, 2010), I think I can inform every one of the requirements for a photo rally and to plan the actions needed to combine a beautiful way with the game.

My suggestion refers to the fifth track, covering from 350 to 500 km with the best combination of driving options and contact with the local population, to come out through our photographic goals, but also to have a memorable day. The only prerequisite for participation, is the good mood !

But believe me, the only serious obstacle in the present occasion, is the beauty of the magnificent Peloponnese, that pulls you in every corner to stop and throw your helmet to become one with the nature.

See you there !



Team 5 A  :

1. Nikolaos Dimakopoulos & Eleni Giannoula, GR
2. Kostas Kalantzis, GR
3. Eirini Stella (Xamogelo), GR
4. Dimos Dionas, GR
5. Renos Vidalis - Aggeliki Manniari GR
6. Alexandros Adamidis, GR
7. Konstantinos Pagkas - Georgia Pagka GR


Team 5 B (registration open  : )

1. Ioannis Ketikoglou and Vasilis Vogiatzis, GR
2. Christos Sionas, GR
3. George Mantzoufas, GR
4. Dimitris Baltzis, GR
5. Manos Kotlias & Elli Kondi, GR
6. Noulas Athanasios &  Katerina Batsika GR
7. George Lamprou GR

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